As Homeowners We Deal With Our Fair Share Of Issues. We All Experience Times When Plumbing Is Having An Attitude. It’s A Problem We Can Avoid By Following A Few Simple Steps. Let’s Touch On Some Complications And Share Tips On How To Avoid Them.


Clogging Is Probably The Most Common Plumbing Problem. Clogs Can End Up Causing A Bad Smell In Your Home. Food That Sits In Drain Will Rot And That Odor Is Not Pleasant. Instead Of Trying To Get A Drain Unclogged, Keep An Eye On What You Put In The Drain In The First Place. Fats And Starchy Foods Are Major Culprits In A Clog. As Well As, Stringy Vegetables And Hair. When A Drain Becomes Clogged, Leaks Can Also Occur. When Using A Garbage Diposal Be Sure To Run Water While The Disposal Is In Motion And Always Run The Water For Several Seconds After You Turn It Off. This Ensures Loose Particles Are Washed Away.

Old And Faulty Pipes

Is Your Water Pressure Nose Diving?

Low Water Pressure Is A Frequent Sign That Your Pipes Have A Problem.  There Could Be Residue Build Up Cause From Rusty Pipes Or The Pipes May Be Leaking.  This Is A Problem That Could Affect Your Home And Your Pocketbook.  If You Identify Leaky Pipes, It Is Most Likely Time To Replace Them. Pipes That Are Covered And Leaking Can Develop From A Plumbing Problem Into A Structural Problem. Address This Problem As Soon As Possible. Low Water Pressure Is Just A Symptom.

Regular Plumbing Inspections And Maintenance

Problems Are Best Faced Before They Occur.  By Having Your Lines Regularly Inspected And Maintained You Can Likely Avoid Any Major Issues. Check For Leaks, Low Water Pressure And Clogs.  Look Under Sinks, As This Is A Common Place For Leaks. You Might See Puddles Of Water Or Moisture, Or Even Signs Of Mold. Valves And Joints May Need To Be Tightened From Time To Time. This Will Help To Avoid Leaks And Pressure Issues. The Water Heater Will Also Need Periodic Maintenance. By Inspecting Your Water Heater Your Will Ensure That It Works Smoothly, And Sediment Does Not Develop.

By Following These Simple Tips, You Should Be Able To Deal With Any Common Problems. Just A Reminder That Prevention Is The Best Cure.

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