Welcome To Another Sizzling Summer In The Midwest. The Days Are Longer, And It Is Blazing Hot And Humid Outside. While You Are Out And About Enjoying The Good Ole Summertime, Don’t Forget To Keep An Eye Out For Plumbing Issues.  The Warmer Temperatures Bring With It Some Nettlesome Concerns Regarding Your Plumbing. Here Is How The Summer Heat Can Affect Your Plumbing.

Expanding Pipes

Pipe Expansion Can Happen During Those Summer Heat Waves. High Temperatures Can Cause Expansion, And Quite Possibly Pipe Bursting. Even Pipes That Are Located Underground Are Sensitive To Extreme Temperatures. When Pipes Burst You Not Only Have A Lot Of Damage, But A Sizeable Expense. There Will Also Be Quite The Mess And Water Will Be Wasted. If You Notice Warm Or Lukewarm Water When You Turn On The Cold Water, It’s Possible That You Have A Leak. A Spike In Your Water Bill Is Also Another Telltale Sign. These Leaks Can Be Somewhat Difficult To Detect, Especially If They Occur Underground. The Best Line Of Defense Against Burst Pipes Is To Make Sure Your Pipes Are Inspected Regularly, Properly Insulated, And Buried Deep Enough In The Ground So Afford Them Some Protection From Extreme Temperatures.

UV Damage 

The Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays Beating Down On Your Exposed Pipes Summer After Summer In Missouri Can Result In Weakening Pipes, Or Even Serious Damage Like Broken Or Cracked Pipes. While It Could Take A Few Years To Happen, The First Signs Of Structural Damage Should Be Dealt With As Soon As Possible. The Sun’s UV Rays Are Damaging To Your Skin, As Well As, To Your Plumbing, Proper Insulation Can Help. Any Exposed Plumbing Should Be Covered With Insulation Or You Can Paint It With A Light Water Based Acrylic Or Latex Paint To Help Block Damage From The Sun’s Rays. Insulation Not Only Protects Your Pipes From The Cold In The Winter, But It Also Shields Your Pipes From UV Rays In The Summer. It’s Not The Heat That Causes The Damage, It’s The Sun’s Damaging Ultraviolet Light.

Clogged Toilets

Summertime Means Children Are Home From School, Weekend Barbecues Are Happening And Those Out Of Town Relatives Are Likely To Visit. Who Doesn’t Love A Good Backyard Barbecue Or Neighborhood Pool Party? They’re A Blast! What Is Not A Blast? Clogged Toilets. Summer Is Prime Time For Clogged Toilets. To Prevent Clogs, It Is A Good Idea To Take Preventative Measures. Have Your Drains Cleaned And Inspected And Be Sure To Communicate With Your Family And Friends About Proper Usage.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

If You’re Serving Watermelon At Your Backyard Summer Party, Don’t Dump The Rinds Down The Garbage Disposal. Those Rinds Will Just Keep Spinning Round And Round With The Blades. They’ll Never Make It Down And May Clog Your Drain.

Vegetables Are Good For You And Your Party Guests.  Unfortunately, Celery, Lettuce, Asparagus, Artichokes, And Onion Skins Aren’t Very Good For Your Garbage Disposal. Their Stringy Fibers Can Wrap Around Your Garbage Disposals Blades, Causing It To Stop Working.

Your Garbage Disposal Is On The Keto Diet. Do Not Feed It Rice, Pasta, And Baked Beans. They Swell Once They Encounter Water And Become Sticky And Will Not Go Down The Drain.

Tree Roots

During The Warmer Months, Trees Are Growing Both Above And Below The Ground. Tree Roots Can Damage Your Plumbing. There Is More Light, And Therefore Some Species May See Rampant Growth. Tree Roots Naturally Grow Towards Water, Which Means That They Will Naturally Be Attracted To Your Pipes. Once Tree Roots Penetrate Your Plumbing, You Have A Serious Problem On Your Hands. Leaks Can Be Caused By Tree Roots Invading Your Main Sewer Line Through Tiny Cracks In Pipes That Release Water Vapor Into The Surrounding Soil And Cracking Them. Backups And Clogged Drains Are One Sign Of Tree Root Damage. The Only Way To Know For Sure Is To Have Your Plumbing Properly Inspected

During The Summer You May Find Yourself Entertaining More, Watering More, Using The Pool More, … All These Activities Can Put Extra Pressure On Your Plumbing System. Most Plumbing Problems Can Be Prevented With Regular Maintenance. Regular Drain Cleaning And Routine Inspections Can Help Prevent Plumbing Problems, And Alert You To Their Presence Early On So That You Can Make Repairs And Not Be Caught Off Guard.

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