As We’ve Mentioned In Previous Posts, Clogged Drains Are One Of The Most Common Plumbing Issues. At Some Point In Time, Everyone Must Deal With A Clogged Drain. They Can Come On Quickly, Without Warning. The Good News Is That We Can Prevent Most Clogs. The Best Prevention Starts With You. Simply Watching What You Put Down The Drain Can Keep Those Clogs At Bay. Drains Are Designed To Carry Wastewater Away From Your Home. They Are An Important Part Of Maintaining The Sanitation In Your Home. Sometimes, Items that Can End Up In Your Drain That Doesn’t Belong That Can Cause Havoc. And Unfortunately, Many People Are Uninformed About What Can And Cannot Go Down The Drain, Leading To Clogged Drains. Some Of The Worst Things For Your Drains Include:


One Of The Worst Things For Your Drains Is Hair. It Is The Number One Cause Of Clogs. Hair Is Problematic Because It Can Get Stuck In The Grime That Builds Up In Your Drains Over Time. Once Hair Builds Up Inside Of Your Pipes, It Can Starts Grabbing And Trapping Other Debris. This Can Prevent Your Drains From Draining Properly. By Placing A Drain Screen Over The Drain, You Can Prevent A Clog. The Drain Screen Captures The Hair Before It Goes Down. Thus, Preventing A Backup.


The Second Most Common Cause Of A Clogged Drain Is Grease. Its Sticky And Thick Texture Can Coat The Inner Pipes, Building Up Over Time. Other Items That End Up In The Drain Can Get Stuck In The Muck Forming Nasty Clogs. To Prevent It, It Is Best To Dispose Of Grease In The Trash. Let Hot Grease Cool Down Before Disposing Of It, And Handle it With Care.


Toilet Paper Is Designed Specifically For Being Flushed Down The Toilet. That’s ItFolks. No Other Paper Product Needs To Be Flushed. Regardless If It Says “Flushable ” On The Packaging. Most Paper Products Don’t Disintegrate And Can Cause Them To Get Stuck And Obstruct The Flow Of Water. Some Examples Of Paper Products That Should Never Go Down The Drain Include Diapers, Wipes, Paper Towels, And Feminine Hygiene Products.

Soap Scum

You Cannot Avoid Soap Scum. When You Shower Or Wash Your Hands Soap Scum Will End Up Down The Drain. Soap Scum Can Start To Build Up Inside Of Your Pipes Forming A Sludge. The More It Builds Up, The More Difficult It Will Be For Your Drains To Function Properly. Preventative Maintenance Is The Best Way To Prevent Soap Scum Buildup From Causing Clogged Drains.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds. Yep, You Read That Right. Your Delightful Morning “Cuppa Jo” Can Be Detrimental To Your Drain. It’s Almost Cement Like And Can Cause A Clog Quickly. Discard Those Grounds In The Trash Can. Better Yet, Take Those Grounds To The Actual Ground. They Make A Nice Compost For Your Garden And House Plants.

Large Food Particles

Large Food Particles Should Not Be Disposed Of Down The Drain. Even If You Have A Garbage Disposal. It Is Best To Scrape Food Particles In The Trash Can. Large Food Particles Can Get Lodged Inside Your Pipes, Which Can Prevent Your Drains From Draining Properly. This Includes Bones, Citrus And Vegetable Peels, Egg Shells, Leftover Pasta, Batter, And Fibrous Food.

Liquid Drain Cleaner

At The First Signs Of A Clog, Many People Are Quick To Reach For Liquid Drain Cleaners. This Is One Of The Worst Things You Can Do. Liquid Drain Cleaners Contain Hazardous Chemicals That, Depending On The Material Your Pipes Are Made Of, Can Cause Damage To Your Pipes. In Addition, They Aren’t All That Effective. Instead, Call The Professional Team At Warrior Sewer And Drain.

One Of The Best Things You Can Do Aside From Watching What Goes Down The Drain, Is To Invest In Regular Drain Cleaning. Regular Drain Cleaning Helps Remove All The Gunk And Build Up That Can Obstruct The Flow Of Water. Annual Drain Cleaning Is A Good Idea To Incorporate Into Your Routine Household Maintenance. Also, The Next Time You’re Out And About Pick Up A Few Drain Screens. These Inexpensive Items Can Help Keep Unwanted Items From Entering Your Drains. For More Tips To Keep Your Drains Free From Clogs Or To Schedule An Appointment, Contact Warrior Sewer And Drain Today!

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