signs of drain issues

Blockages can be due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it is as small as a clump of toilet paper or hair stuck in the shower drain, but other times blockages can be less obvious and very serious. Thing such as kitchen grease, food bits and even toys that fall in the drains are likely to cause more damage. Our experts are equipped to handle any situation with ease and can get your pipes working in no time.

Below are some signs of clogged drains:

  • Gurgling

  • Slow running water

  • Wet spots in the basement

  • Here are a few things that might be causing a sewer blockage:

  • Build-up of grease, debris or foreign objects like toys, toilet paper, or feminine hygiene products

  • Tree root intrusion

  • Sewer line collapse caused by shifting ground or old and deteriorated pipes

  • Our drain service cleaning can improve the performance of a number of different types of drains, including:

  • Kitchen drains: Get rid of the soap, grease and food buildup so you can get back to your routine without waiting for slow water to drain.

  • Toilet drains: Clogs are the most common culprit of toilet malfunctions, but if you’re having issues with both your toilet and your sink, it could be caused by sludgy build up in the pipes.

  • Shower/tub drains: Hair can get tangled up in your drains and soap scum can build up on pipe walls causing water from your bath or shower to drain slowly.

  • Bathroom sink drains: Toothpaste and soap can build up in your drains, obstructing steady water flow.

  • Floor drains: Some laundry rooms, basements and garages have floor drains to prevent flooding. Keep it free of debris to ensure proper draining.

reasons to conduct a video inspection

  • Strange Odors: If you have noticed obnoxious sewer odors n your drain traps, sink, or bath, you will need to have your sewer line examined. A damaged vent pipe can cause these fumes to work their way back into your home.

  • Sewer-line Backing Up: If blockages are causing your sewer line to back up, an inspection will be needed to identify the location of the source so that it can be properly addressed.

  • Buying a Home: When you’re buying a home one of the processes that you want to have conducted is a sewer line inspection to make certain that everything is up to code. You do not want to be unwittingly inviting a host of sewer problems when you get your new property.

  • Overgrowth in your lawn: If you’ve noticed a spot on your lawn that seems to be overgrown, this could be due to nutrients seeping into the soil from your sewer line. This means you likely have a leak or crack in the pipes that needs addressing, and it can easily be found with video inspection.

“i just had army veteran Shawn Clouse from Warrior Sewer and Drain blast out my underground downspout drain lines that were packed with mud and debris and backing up. Great guy! He came out quickly and was able to clear all the lines so I won’t have any more problems with these heavy spring rains. he explained everything he did and was very friendly and professional. definitely recommend him.”

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