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One of the most challenging aspects of a clogged drain is the possibility of needing to dig it out of the ground for repair. Hydro Jetting simplifies this process to make it easier by utilizing highly-pressurized water to blast away pipe blockages. Because it uses water pressure, Hydro Jetting is an excellent option for quickly clearing stubborn pipe clogs. Unlike other drain-clearing solutions, hydro jetting should always be performed by an experienced professional. We are prepared to offer professional hydro jetting services required to prevent your pipes from breaking due to improper service.

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If you’ve been told:


You have a stubborn clog that keeps coming back


You need to replace a section of your sewer pipe


It’s going to cost thousands to fix your plumbing issue

Then hydro jetting your main sewer line issue could save you a lot of time and money.


Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to quickly and effectively remove blockages, roots, and other debris. This method is safe for most types of pipes and drains, and it can be completed relatively quickly. In the case where the Hydro Jetting is unavailable we use chain cutters or “chain Knockers” to remove the blockage. In contrast to traditional methods, roto-rooting can be very time-consuming and may not completely remove all debris. If all of the debris and blockage is not removed the likely hood of it clogging again is extremely high. That is why we offer the Warrior’s Way Warranty when we use these methods.


For Sewer Cleaning in St. Louis Hydro Jetting Beats Pipe Snakes

The better option for almost every clog in your main sewer line is hydro jetting. Put simply, a hydro jet drain cleaning uses a pressurized nozzle that is lowered into the clogged pipe. Water is safely sprayed through the pipe at high speeds clearing out any clogs or debris.

When it comes to drain cleaning in St. Louis, we are often called for a second opinion before someone spends thousands of dollars digging out and replacing their sewer pipes. Frequently, we save them thousands with a thorough hydro jet drain cleaning. Plus, we have the best warranty around St. Louis!

Can Hydro Jetting damage pipes?

Calling on a skilled hydro jet drain cleaner is much safer than using a snake. The high-pressured water clears out debris but is much gentler on the pipes themselves.

Pipe snakes are difficult and dangerous to use by their very nature. A cable (spinning or whipping back and forth) inside an older pipe may (or may not) clear the clog, but it can also cause scratches or cracks inside the pipe. This can make your problem worse and even more expensive to fix.


What type of clog will Hydro Jetting work on?

Hydro jetting works great for most sewer clogs_

  • imagesTree roots
  • imagesSerious debris
  • imagesHygiene products
  • imagesCotton swabs
  • imagesGrease
  • imagesCoffee grounds
  • imagesLarge pieces of food
  • imagesSoap residue

If you’re dealing with tree roots or other serious debris, hydro jetting is really your only option. Hydro jetting’s ability to cut through any debris without damaging pipes makes it the number one option for conquering clogs

If you’ve been told you need to spend thousands of dollars to replace a section of your sewer pipe, or you have had the same clog forming several times, and you’re sick of spending more money without seeing results, hydro jetting works on serious clogs.