An Important Home Maintenance Item That Often Goes Overlooked Is The Cleaning Of Your Drains. Many Homeowners Neglect To Have It Done At The Right Time, Which Can Lead To More Problems.

With 27 Years’ Experience In Drain Cleaning, Warrior Sewer And Drain Has An In-Depth Understanding On The Best Way To Handle Your Drain Care Needs And Knowing The Best Time To Have It Done. To Give You Clarification Of The Working Of Drain Maintenance And Care Let’s Touch On Some Important Facts.

ONE: Routine Maintenance Is Essential

Do You Call A Professional When You Have A Major Clog In Your Sink Or Toilet? Absolutely! That’s Why We Are Here. You Want The Professional To Take Of These Troubles When You Need More Than A Simple Plunger. (Whatever You Do, Don’t Use A Chemical Drain Cleaner. More Info Below.)

However, Getting Your Drains Cleaned Is Not Limited To That Emergency Call. The Warrior Recommends That You Call And Schedule Routine Maintenance Each Year. This Will Help In Drain Performance And Will Eliminate Build-Up That Causes Clogs. Our Technician Will Also Take A Closer Look At Your Drains And Be Able To Spot Any Areas That May Need Repairs. It Is In An Excellent Way To Keep Your Plumbing In The Best Possible Shape.

TWO: Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Not Your Friend

How Often Do You See Those TV Advertisements Claiming That You Can Unclog Your Sink By Pouring A Jug Of Chemicals Down The Drain? Most Of The Time You Are Simply Pouring Money Down That Drain. You Will Not Find A Professional Using Or Recommending These Products. These Drain Cleaning Agents Might Solve Your Issue Temporarily, But The Buildup That Has Caused The Clog Is Still There.

The Most Important Thing To Remember With Commercially Produced Drain Cleaners Is They Can Damage Your Pipes. They Are Made Up Of Caustic Chemicals That Produce A Reaction That Can Eat Through Plastic And Create Corrosion In Metal. These Chemicals Are Highly Poisonous And Will Cause More Harm Than Good. Please Do Not Use Them.

*If You Have Used Them Only To Find You Still Have The Issue And Call A Professional, Please Let Them Know That You Have Used A Chemical Cleaner. It’s Important For Their Safety.

THREE: Professionals Have The Best Drain Machines

Aside From The Plunger, There’s Another Tool That’s Helpful For Simple Clogs: The Drain Snake, Aka The Cable, Aka The Drain Auger. A Simple Hand-Cranked Drain “Snake” Inserted Into A Drain Can Often Clear Out Obstructions. However, Professional Drain Technicians Use Motorized Drain Cleaning Machines That Can Get Through The Most Obstinate Clogs. These Machines Are Expensive Professional Tools, And You Only Want Experts Using Them On Your Drains.

FOUR: Hydro-Jetting Is The Best Drain Cleaning Method

At Warrior We Use The Drain Cleaning Technology That We Think Is Best Approach To Cleaning Your Line. Sometimes That Means Calling In The ‘Big Dog”. Hydro-Jetters Scour The Inside Of Drain Pipes With Powerful Blasts Of High-Pressure Water. It’s Safe For The Drains And Leaves Them Free Of Build-Up And Debris—A “Like New” Condition. Hydro-Jetting Is What Makes Professional Drain Cleaning So … Professional!


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