You can always depend on a professional when we face a clogged toilet or drain but it is handy to have certain tools, in case of emergencies. Before you reach for your phone to call your local sewer and drain cleaning company near you, why not see if you can handle the issue yourself. Sometimes when you are going to have guests over within the next 10 minutes, you won’t have the time to call the professionals if you have a clogged drain.

Having just a couple of essential tools can allow the homeowner to fix certain things. These essential tools can be easily used by any homeowner in an emergency. If you do not know what they are here is a list that you need to buy today!

1. Basin Wrench:

A basin wrench is an essential tool for all plumbers to have in their toolbox. This tool helps you in reaching confined spaces or places that are hard to reach. It is perfect for your sink. It has a tall shaft and spring-loaded jaws of forged alloy steel which provide a fast and efficient solution for bathroom sink drain cleaner. It is also used to tighten or remove nuts from faucets. Clean your basin wrench after each use and occasionally spray light machine oil to keep it smooth. 

2. Adjustable Wrench:

An adjustable wrench has an open-ended set of jaws that are moveable to fit several different sizes of nuts and bolts.  A plumbing system has a of sizes that the wrench can accommodate. They are very handy and eliminate the need for multiple tools of different sizes. They are very functional and practical making them fast and easy to operate and are an ideal addition to your toolbox. 

3. Plunger:

If you decide on having only one plumbing tool in your home, make it a plunger. This device will come in very handy for you. It has a rubber cup-like shape attached to a handle. It is an ideal tool to help with clogs in the sinks, tubs, and showers. A plunger is of two types; a flange plunger and a cup plunger. A flange plunger is used for toilets whereas a cup plunger is used for drain clogs only. You can always rely on a professional sewer and drain cleaning company near you if you are unable to handle the clogged drain.

4. Hand Auger:

This efficient tool is used to clean the clogs in your toilet. You should avoid using a sink auger for toilets, or a toilet auger for standard drains, as the tools are designed for very different purposes. It is designed to move through the drain of the toilet or the sink to remove the clog or obstruction that’s causing the blockage. A clogged toilet can be a real headache and the hand auger is just the solution you need.

5. Plumber’s Tape:

A plumber’s tape comes in handy when you face a leak in the plumbing system. It is a thin white tape which is supposed to be wrapped around threads on pipes and fittings before twisting the parts together. It is sold in small rolls and has a silky texture. This plays a major role in avoiding any kind of leak through the pipes in your home. If there is a leak due to the grooves getting loose, the plumber’s tape is wrapped around the affected area in order to stop the leak.

6. Channel Pliers:

These pliers are adjustable and used for grabbing, and pinching things  providing a strong grip on any object. It can be used as a wrench or clamps and is a versatile tool to have around the house in case of an emergency. The length of these pliers is enough so that you do not have to put in extra effort to use them. 

7. Faucet Packing, Washers, and O-rings:

Faucet Packing, Washers, and O-rings are lifesavers when it comes to leaky pipes, drains, valves, or sinks. Packings help create a watertight seal when wrapped around pipes or valves in order to prevent them from leaking. Washers come in handy when there is a gap between the pipe and the valve that it is connected to. It fills the gap and eliminates the possibility of unwanted leakage. 

Even though there is always an option to approach a sewer and drain cleaning company near you, sometimes you cannot wait. When it is urgent, you need to know how you can manage basic plumbing problems. If it is a clogged drain or a leaking pipe, these tools can help you cover the basics. Plus, having a handy toolbox at home can help you in many more ways than possible.

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