Maintenance Tips

-Flushable Wipes are not flushable

-Paper towels and Feminine Products are not flushable

-Do Not put grease down the drain

– Garbage Disposal “Do Not” List: Egg Shells, potato Peels, stringy vegetables, pasta, rice and coffee grounds 

-always run water for several minutes after using the garbage

-call Warrior Sewer and drain to schedule routine maintenance

Sewer Line Information

Sewer Lines consist of Clay, Cast Iron or PVC.  Clay lines are susceptible to root growth since these lines are not sealed. Annual maintenance will help prevent root growth.  Cast Iron and PVC lines are sealed and are less likely to have root invasion. If there is a presence of roots the line, a repair should be expected.  Warrior uses Root-X, a root killer, to help in maintaining a clean line. 

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