One Of The Most Common Plumbing Issues Is A Clogged Drain. Understanding The Cause Of The Clog Is The Most Important Part In Treatment. The Clog Itself Is Like A Fever, A Symptom Of A Bigger Issue.  You Might Be Able To Unclog A Drain And Move On, However, Chances Are If You Do Not Get That Proper Diagnosis, It Will Reoccur. If That Happens, You Could Be Looking At Bigger Damage To Both Your Home And Your Wallet.  Here Are A Couple Common Reasons Why Your Drains Won’t Drain Properly.

Improper Drain Usage

This Simply Means You Are Not Paying Attention To What Goes Down The Drain.  Whether It’s The Sink, Shower, Or Toilet, The Drains In Your Home, Have One Purpose And That Is To Remove Wastewater. Often, People Get In The Habit Of Disposing Things Down The Drain That Should Never Go Down The Drain. General Items That Should Never Go Down The Drain Include Grease And Fats, Fibrous Food Peels, Large Bones, Egg Shells, Food That Expands Like Pasta And Batter, Glass, Paper, Feminine Hygiene Products, Diapers, Wipes(Yes, Even “Flushable” Wipes, Hair, Medications, And Harsh Chemicals. Improper Disposal Of Any Of These Items Can Result In A Clogged Drain Or Damage To Your Pipes. To Prevent Unwanted Things From Entering Your Drains, Invest In Drain Screens. When Running The Garbage Disposal Be Careful Not To Overload It And Be Sure To Always Run With Water. Continue Running Water For Several Seconds After Tuning Off The Disposal.


Mucky Buildup Will Collect Overtime Inside Of Your Pipes. This Buildup Will Expand With Continued Collection Of Debris That Can Eventually Form A Barrier And Result In Slow Drainage. Cleaning Your Drains  At Regular Intervals Will Help Control This Issue . Hydro Jetting Uses High Pressure Water To Remove All Of The Gunk That Builds Up In Your Pipes, Which Leaves Things Free Flowing. Drain Cleaning Should Be A Part Of Your Routine Household Maintenance For Best Results. Be Proactive And Avoid Bigger Problems. If You Notice A Problem With More Than One Drain, You Most Certainly Have A Larger Problem.  More Than Like You Are Dealing With A Damaged Sewer Line.  Here Are Some Causes Of A Damaged Sewer Line.

Tree Roots

It Is Natural For A Tree Root To Grow Towards A Water Source. The Moisture That Collects On The Outer Parts Of Your Underground Pipes Is A Beacon.  Unfortunately, Tree Roots Are Vigilant And Can Infiltrate Your Sewer Line Which In Turn Can Cause A Blockage. You Can Diagnose This Problem With A Camera Inspection Of The Pipeline.
Ground Shifts – The Ground Settles And Shifts Over Time, This Can Be Detrimental To Your Lateral Lines.

Heavy Rains (Flooding)

Heavy Rains Can Cause The Ground Surrounding Your Pipes To Become Soggy And Unstable. When The Ground Isn’t Stable, It Leaves Room For Pipes To Shift Which Can Cause Pipes To Crack And Break.

Extreme Temperatures

Both The Heat And The Cold Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Plumbing. Frozen Pipes Crack Under The Pressure Of Expanding Water, And Pipes That Get Too Hot Can Start To Expand And Even Burst.

It Is Important To Be Able To Recognize The Signs Of A Broken Sewer Line. Here Are Some Things To Look Out For: Clogged Drains, The Smell Of Sewer Gas, Mold, Lush Patches Of Grass, Indentation In Lawn Or Under Pavers, Sewage Puddles In The Yard, Rodent Problem, Insect Problem, Foundation Or Structural Damage. If You Notice Any Of These Problems, Contact Warrior Sewer And Drain.

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