Helpful Drain Cleaning Tips

As Fall Arrives It Brings With It Crisp Temperatures And An Array Of Vibrant Autumn Colors. It’s A Fantastic Time For Outdoor Gatherings Around A Fire And Hayrides Through The Hills. However, It Also Serves As A Warning That Winter Temperatures Are Just Around The Corner. Whether You Live In The Midwest Like The Warrior And His Family, Or If You Live In The Warm Southwest, Extreme Temperature Changes Can Wreak Havoc On You Plumbing System. Be Prepared. Before It’s Too Late, Follow These Simple Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips To Have Your Home Ready For Winter.

Throw Grease Or Oil Away

Don’t Throw Grease Or Oil Down The Kitchen Sink. Grease And Oil Will Not Pass Easily Through Your Pipes. After A While, It Will Harden And Block Passage Through The Drains. In Turn, You Will Have To Fight A Huge Clog That Will Take More Than Just A Plunger To Fix. The Next Time You Cook A Meal Using Lots Of Grease, Don’t Throw It Down The Drain. Store It In A Container Before Throwing It Out In The Regular Garbage.

Boiling Water

Sometimes All It Takes To Clean Drains Is Putting A Pot Of Boiling Water Down The Drain. The Hot Water Will Soften The Sludge And Work To Loosen The Blockage. Doing This This Periodically Will Help To Ensure No Buildup Lasts For Too Long.

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

They Are HAZARDOUS! Not Only To Your Drain Lines, But To You As Well. It’s Easy To Be Taken In By The Ads That Offer A “Quick And Pain Free” Solution To Your Drain Back Up. However, If Used Too Much, They Can Turn Into The One Thing That Will Ruin Your Plumbing System. The Ingredients In Chemical Drain Cleaners Will Eventually Bring Damage To Drainage Pipes, Making You Call A Professional For A Pipe Repair. If You Decide To Use A Chemical Drain Cleaner, And Your Problem Is Not Solved, Call Warrior Sewer And Drain. For Safety Reasons, Be Sure To Tell The Technician If You Used A Chemical Cleaner.

Use A Drain Auger

Is Your Plunger Not Proving Effective? You Can Consider Using A Drain Auger Instead For A More Effective Performance. Since It Is “Snake-Like” In Form It Can Be Manipulated Into Areas That Are Harder To Reach. Important Reminder: If You Have Older, Corroded Drainage Pipes, Make Sure To Use The Snake With Caution Or Else You Risk Damaging The System.

Consider Strainers

Your Kitchen And Bathroom Drains Are Constantly Dealing With Material Like Hair, Soap Scum, And Food Daily. This Makes The Risk Of Clogging High, But Instead Of Having To Deal With A Clog Repeatedly, You Should Instead Install Strainers Which Will Block Out Any Harmful Materials. Once You Install, All You Need To Do Is Clean Them Out Periodically To Ensure They Continue To Work As Intended.

Schedule Annual Drain Maintenance

You Should Always Make It A Point Each Year To Call Us Here At Warrior Sewer And Drain For Annual Drain Maintenance.

With Twenty-Seven Years’ Experience We Have The Know-How To Inspect Drains Carefully And Be Able To Apply A Wide Range Of Solutions. We Offer Camera Inspections And Hydro-Jetting, As Well As, Drain Cleaning. Having A Professional Visit Your Home For An Inspection Once A Year Will Ensure You Are More Likely To Remain Clog-Free Over The Next 12 Months.

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