A clogged drain is a problem faced by every homeowner, business, commercial, industrial, and institutional establishment at some point. Drains can get clogged because of foreign objects lodged in the pipes. If a plunger or plumbing snake is unable to clear the clog, you will need something a little more powerful. This is where hydro-jet cleaners come into question.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro Jetting simplifies the process of digging the clog out of the ground for repair, by utilizing highly-pressurized water to blast away pipe blockages. It consists of a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle connected to a machine that pressurizes the water, producing a very powerful stream that clears out the drain. Hydro-jet cleaning can be used to clear clogs, drains, and sewer pipes to keep wastewater flowing smoothly.

5 Reasons why Hydro-Jetting is Beneficial

– Clean, don’t just Unclog

When grease, fats, soap scum, mineral deposits, soil, and other debris collects in your pipes, it causes multiple clogs and blockages in the sewer. This results in a slower flow and accumulation of water. The hydro-jet clears the pipe and provides a long-term solution for clogging. Specialized cutting tools driven by the water jets can also be used to remove roots in drains through hydro-jetting. Through hydro-jet a pressurized stream of water forces its way through the pipe, thus cleaning the passage.

– Cost and Time Saving

As hydro-jetting acts as a long-lasting resolution for sewer problems, it is a one-time investment for clearing your pipes for a long time. Apart from this, unclogging an underground drain and sewer pipes might call for the digging up of a home’s or commercial building’s lawn, foundation or driveway. Hydro-Jetting saves you from that hassle. This eliminates the extra cost of digging and helps save a lot of time.

– Helps remove Bacteria

If the drains at your home or office smell bad, it is because of the bacteria that builds up. The hydro-jet water stream is so powerful that it successfully removes all or any bacteria that have settled in the pipes, over time. Bacterias can be the cause of a myriad of problems and it is best to get rid of them in the best way possible.

– Highly Versatile

Hydro-jet cleaning can be used in both, commercial and residential applications. The powerful stream of water helps remove not just clogs and residual debris but is powerful enough to clear even the most stubborn blockages. Hydro-jets come in various shapes and sizes, so it makes it easier to determine which would be the right one for your pipes so that they can be protected from getting damaged. It is important that you turn to professionals to complete this job for you.

– Eco-Friendly

When we opt for other ways to clear the clogs, a variety of chemicals and harmful liquids might be used in the process. We need to take into consideration that the water will eventually find its way into nature, hence we need to make sure that it is free of any harmful chemicals. Through hydro-jetting, we are making sure that only highly-pressurised water is being used to break the clogs in the pipes, therefore it is the most environment-friendly approach to get your drains cleared.

Indoor plumbing can be a hassle at times. In today’s era, we have a solution to everything possible. Through hydro-jet cleaning, you will get rid of unwanted clogs for a long period of time.

While hydro-jetting can clear almost clog, it’s not a do-it-yourself option. Leave the task to the licensed plumbers at Warrior Sewer and Drain. Our services will soon have your sewer and drain pipes as clean as the day they were installed!

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